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December 20 2017


Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding in Hawaii

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With visions of orchid leis and romantic vows dancing in the happy couple’s heads, there are some important decisions to make. Hawaii is, of course, far from everywhere on the mainland U.S., but planning a Hawaii wedding is easier than most people think. Here, couples can get some easy tips on planning a destination wedding.

Choosing an Island

No matter which island the couple chooses, they can’t go wrong. They’re all beautiful in their own unique ways, and learning about them is half the fun of planning the wedding. Oahu is the liveliest island, and the Big Island has a diverse topography. Maui is a romantic destination, and Kauai provides a tropical backdrop for the nuptials. Lanai offers seclusion and luxury, and Molokai allows couples to experience Hawaii as the locals do.

When to Visit

Those who consider Hawaii wedding packages can’t go wrong when setting a date. The islands have consistent weather thanks to the Pacific Ocean, and temperatures are in the 70s and 80s year-round. Most visitors go to Hawaii during the winter, and although that’s the rainy season, couples and guests are sure to see a magnificent Hawaiian rainbow.


Most people who plan destination weddings hire a consultant for additional help. Hawaii is home to several services that can guide couples throughout the process, from choosing vendors to filling out paperwork. A consultant can help a couple find an officiant, even for a non-denominational beach ceremony, and they can offer all-inclusive packages as well.


Hawaii makes getting married simple. To get a marriage license, the couple must go to the health department or marriage agent on the appropriate island with valid ID and cash. Marriage licenses are valid for 30 days, and the couple receives the marriage certificate in the mail after the wedding.

Ceremonial Style

Many couples go to Hawaii with their closest friends and family for a simple ceremony. However, more options are available, and some couples choose a more traditional setting such as a chapel or ballroom. Some rent private homes or villas, and others charter yachts. A couple’s choices are only limited by their budget and imagination.

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